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Schools clash at FNB classics

Schools clash at FNB classics


Concordia College football team in this year’s FNB Classic Clashes.

The FNB Classic Clashes have been running for the past eight years and have been proudly supported by the FNB Foundation, joined by Vigo this year.
The theme for the Classic Clashes this year is again “Game On! Be a Hero. Be there!” and strives to reveal the competitive spirit that the banking group wishes to foster between schools.
Revonia Kahivere, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of FNB Namibia said, “The FNB Classic Clashes also remind us that it is not only the men and women on the sports field who are important but the total school fraternity, including fellow learners and even the broader school community.
This coming weekend two more soccer matches are bound to draw the crowds to the Omaruru stadium on Friday, when SI Gobs and Kuisebmond SS meet, while Saturday the action will take place at the Arandis Sport Stadium between Kolen Foundation and West Side High.

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