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Setting the record straight

The Editor,

RE: Factually Incorrect Statements in Media Article of June 24, 2016
The article headlined “Phosphate mining goes ahead” published in Namibia Economist on June 24, 2016, the media statement from Namibia Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd (”NMP”) issued to your office on 17th June 2016 and subsequent response statement to your questions issued on 20 June 2016, refers.
In this regard the Management is obligated to bring the following to your attention: The Headline – “Phosphate Mining goes Ahead” refers. In this regard we advise this statement is factually incorrect. No such decision has yet been issued by any authority at this time. As clearly detailed in the Media Statement from NMP issued to you on 17/06/16 it was specifically noted that “In accordance with the Mining Licence (“ML170”) conditions, NMP is required to obtain an Environmental Clearance Certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (“MET”)”. No mining activities can be undertaken until the environmental clearance certificate has been granted. To date NMP’s application for an environmental clearance for ML170 is still under review.
The opening statement – “Namibia Marine Phosphate (NMP) announced this week that they have attained a mining license from the Ministry of Mines and Energy and will commence with their mining project “Sandpiper.”” refers. This statement is factually incorrect.
NMP’s Mining Licence ML170 was awarded in 2011 as clearly advised in the Media Statement issued by NMP to you on 17/06/16 and was publicly announced at that time i.e. 2011. This information is presented also on the Company website and in the environmental documents.
Secondly NMP has not made any such statement in regard to commencement of the Sandpiper mining project. There is absolutely no mention of this matter nor any such statement contained in the media statement issued to you on 17/06/16 nor in the follow up statement issued to you on 20/06/16 in response to your questions.
The media statement notes that “The Government now has available to them all of the scientifically supported environmental reports by acknowledged specialists based on in-situ samples, analytical data and facts as well as independent expert opinions that address the key issues and concerns that have been noted and that can facilitate their informed decision on the matter”

Yours Faithfully,
NMP Management
(Letter shortened – Ed.)

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