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Standard Bank’s prepaid online account

Standard Bank’s prepaid online account

Earlier this year Standard Bank launched a new innovative product called BlueWallet, which has a feature called, BlueVoucher, which allows one to withdraw money without a card at any Standard Bank ATM.
Bradwyn Beukes, Head Digital Channels at Standard Bank, said, “BlueWallet is a prepaid online account from Standard Bank available to anyone in Namibia with a valid mobile number. Apart from being able to send money to anyone you can purchase essentials like prepaid electricity. There are also value added services like paying your DSTV and GOtv or topping up your Boxoffice account or airtime.”
“The most popular feature on BlueWallet is BlueVoucher, which allows you to withdraw money without a card at any Standard Bank ATM,” Beukes added.
According to Beukes, when you want to withdraw cash at an ATM you’ll receive a voucher number and a PIN code which you punch in at the ATM.
“You can also send a voucher to someone else. As an additional security feature you as the issuer will still receive the PIN, which you’ll have to send separately to the receiver. This allows you a second opportunity to ensure that you have send the money to the correct person. BlueVouchers can be redeemed at any Standard Bank ATM by selecting Cardless Services on the ATM,” he added.
Beukes said, when one first registers for BlueWallet on will have a default limit of N$2000 per month, which you can use to make purchases and payments. “Should you wish to transact for more than this amount, you’d be required as per Bank of Namibia regulations to go to any Standard Bank Branch and provide them with copies of your Namibian ID, proof of residence and proof of income, which may be in the form of a payslip,” he added.
With BlueVouchers clients have a minimum of N$50 and a maximum limit of N$2000 per transaction to withdraw money at an ATM.

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