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Ultra Black Hair product launch to cater for all

Ultra Black Hair product launch to cater for all

The Ultra Black hair product, a hair product which will be available for the first time in Namibia will host it’s launch this weekend at the High Definition spar and will be hosted by Zodidi Jewel //Gaseb, business woman and brainchild of African Naturals and Dillish Matthews, owner of High Definition Hair spar.
In an interview with the Economist, Ms Zodidi //Gaseb articulated on the project and what everyone can expect at the launch of ultra black hair products. //Gseb said that the ultra black product is a full range product which includes a complete product set, a cleansing shampoo, deep conditioner, silky spray, and satin crème moistourizer. She further shared that the products is especially unique as it is designed for natural hair as well as hair that has been exposed to chemicals to change it’s texture.
//Gaseb said that ultra black does not contain any harmful products, thus it is designed to not only make hair look good, but however helps to grow longer hair, “your hair has to be in its best condition. Ultra Black Hair Products improves the overall health of the hair. Improves natural hair, or relaxed hair, to stop breaking and improve elasticity for longer, stronger beautiful hair.” she said.
With regard to issues of hair growth, the brainchild behind African Naturals shared that hair products work differently for individuals as entities such as genetics play a major role, and advised customers to products such as Shea butter and ultra black to turn your short, dry, breaking damaged and thinning hair into soft, long and strong hair. The side-effects of ultra black are quite minimal however special cases of allergies are likely.
//Gaseb encouraged both women and men to attend the launch of the event as it will include
consultation services as clientele will get some tips on how to take care of all hair types, wigs, weaves and natural hair, and entertainment.
There are also a few surprises in store and a chance to win a ticket to the 2nd Annual Natural Hair and Beauty Expo 2016.
The event will start at 15:00 hours at the High Definition Hair Spa located at the Capital Centre Building.
Entrance is N$100.

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