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Taking care of future German teachers

Taking care of future German teachers

The German Embassy in Windhoek, in partnership with the coalition of German School associations (AGDS) said this week they will support four more education students with funds to complete their studies. At the presentation ceremony, the German Ambassador, HE Christian Schlaga said it is also hoped that more school leavers will consider teaching as a career.
The embassy said it has provided scholarships for many years to students studying for a Bachelor of Education. The bursaries announced this week come to a total of N$127,500. The AGDS is the custodian and will disburse the funds to the four students.
Last year Bianca Menne, Svea Oestlund, Ilze Schumann und Denise //Khoi-Aos received the scholarship from the German Embassy. “I always wanted to become a German teacher so that I can inspire children to learn German and perhaps become German teachers themselves one day. Without the support of the AGDS and the Embassy, that would not have been possible” she said.
Ambassador Schlaga emphasised the importance of the teaching profession and encouraged students so seek contact with teachers of the German language to sit in on classes at a German school after finishing their studies and before beginning their employment at a Namibian school.
The AGDS is the umbrella organisation for eight parents’ boards, representing ten schools where German as a First Language is taught. Currently, 12 students are provided with bursaries. These students then have to teach German as either their first or second language at one of the AGDS schools for some years once they have completed their education.

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