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terres-seals1Seal activists this week unleashed a barrage of propaganda against Namibia in their effort to muster international support for their campaign to end seal culling at Cape Cross and Atlas Bay. The seal lobby is spearheaded by an organisation called The Seals of Nam. Local supporter of the annual seal cull, Oswald Theart, recently came across this seal pup near Terrace Bay where there is also a major seal colony. This little teddy bear will be spared the cull, as the Terrace Bay colony is some 200 km north of Cape Cross where the main culling takes place. It is however, uncertain if it will survive the big bulls as these trample all the pups that come their way. Marine biologists estimate there are more than a million seals on the Namibian coastline. This figure is however contested by other biologists who say there may be as many as two million seals.

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