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Tsinsabis to host football tourney

Tsinsabis to host football tourney

The recent donation from Dundee will be used to purchase medals, host the sports day and more importantly unite the community under the banner of sports.
Tsinsabis’ first ever major sporting event will not only be a celebration of sports, it also presents an opportunity for local community groups to showcase themselves and inspire others. By funding the sporting day Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb has improveed of the value of life in the Tsinsabis community, at the same time upholding its value of community investment.
Speaking on behalf of the company, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb Community Relations Coordinator, Michael Heita applauded the Tsinsabis committee for having come up with the sports day initiative that will unite the community under a constructive social platform.
“Sports provide opportunities for children and the youth to engage in valuable and positive relationships with adults, this is especially important when such benefits are not available at home.
“I applaud you, there is no question that providing opportunities for youth and children to take part in healthy and positive sporting activities benefits the community. Please see Dundee as a committed partner in ensuring development in and around Tsumeb, rest assured in the knowledge of our continuous support,” said Heita.
Speaking at the handover was Chairman of Young Lions Happening Football club, Paul Gioub who conveyed the community’s gratitude. “No one has ever sponsored a soccer tournament in our town, this will be a first of its kind in Tsinsabis. I want to thank Dundee on behalf of our community, this donation means a lot to us,” Gioub said.

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