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Women entrepreneurs tackle fears together

Women entrepreneurs tackle fears together

The Ericah Shafudah Financial Management Foundation Trust Fund (ESFMF) earlier this week held a women’s’ conference, with the help of sponsors such as Trustco, PwC and SME Bank.
The conference attracted a diverse number of women, both from the public and private sector, and woman in influential positions across the country.
The Keynote address at the conference came from Hon. Alexia Manombe-Ncube, Deputy Minister, Vice Presidents Office. Other speakers at the conference included Estelle Tjipuka, Christina Saunderson, Ally Angula, and Sam Shivute who delivered some food for thought with inspirational quotes and life lessons with regard to business, career, family and self confidence.
Hon. Manombe-Ncube said her self-actualisation process, starting from humble beginning’s of a young black woman with a disability, who grew up in the small town in southern Namibia.
The deputy minister said, “The greatest fear that woman harbour are fears that do not come from external influences but rather from internal emotions of inferiority”.
Manombe-Ncube added the need to take initiative from women and said despite her background she became the first woman with disabilities to be elected as member of parliament.
Also speaking at the conference, Ericah Shadufah, Chairperson of (ESFMF) said, women face multiple challenges and fears in their lives, and one of the solutions to tackle those fears is through empowerment through knowledge sharing and networking.
Shadufah said that being consistent with the above philosophy, the foundation has organised it’s Maiden Women’s Conference, “Tackling our fears together” to share best practices, success stories and what really works.
Sam Shivute, a professional speaker and a charismatic man of multiple ranks shared his awe inspiring philosophies and practical guidelines on avoiding mental traps.
Shivute said that one must never be limited by one’s field of study or level of qualifications as the average human being is infinitely great. He further elaborated on the ABC of Sam Shivute, which stand for Attitude- the ability to face adversity and make choices that show integrity, B for Believe, which means believing in one’s self without depending on any external motivations or incentives and last C for Choice. This means being conscious of the fact that life entails negative and positive choices.

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