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Shiveta pleads with Namibians to stop violent acts against tourists

Shiveta pleads with Namibians to stop violent acts against tourists

The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Hon. Pohamba Shiveta earlier this week announced that it has come to the Ministry’s attention that tourists and foreign visitors are increasingly falling victims to crimes such as theft, robbery, assault and car breaking. Recent attacks on tourists in Swakopmund and Otavi respectively were mentioned in relation to the ministers’ appeal to criminals to stop such acts.
Speaking to the media, Shiveta said “The ministry as a regulator of the industry is requesting all government agencies, local authorities, private sectors, NGO’s and the public at large to ensure the safety of tourists and visitors within all corners of our country.”
Shiveta made an appeal to all citizens to guard Namibia’s reputation and ranking as a top world tourist destination by reporting such incidents to the Namibian Police, City Police or Tourism Police so that the perpetrators are brought to back to book.
“We thank our law enforcement agencies for their efforts in protecting our tourists and visitors in Namibia. Tourism generates much needed cash for our economy and through its multiplier effects, creates jobs, reduces poverty and contributes to income diversification, empowerment and transforms the lives of many Namibians especially in rural areas.” said Shiveta.
In the closing remarks the Minister noted that tourism is everybody’s business as it is a large contributor to the countries Growth Domestic Product (GDP), and violent acts of this nature will affect the countries economy negatively.

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