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Tackle your fears – send flowers

Tackle your fears – send flowers

“Fear is a thief, it robs you from realizing your potential, it robs you from experiencing optimal happiness, it creates doubt which then results in you giving up on your dreams and potential, but it can be tackled and one can overcome it,” says Hulda Shipanga, an accomplished florist and owner of Hushi Flowers.
Growing up in Lüderitz, she recalls how hardworking her parents were, raising their family with lots of love and dignity. “My mother worked as a domestic worker and my father was a fisherman and he made shoes in his spare time. They are my inspiration and till this day at the age of 82 my father still makes belts and repairs shoes,” related Shipanga.
With the inspiration of her parents she decided from an early age that she was not going to work for anybody but that she wanted to start her own business. “But fear kept me away from my dreams, this is why I slaved away first as a reception for thirteen years and then as a personal assistant for ten years. But during my time as a full time employee I started to operate a catering company on a part time basis,” she explained.
She recounted how the entrepreneur in her refused to be silenced and because of this she opened a tuck shop at a local school. When her tuck shop business went well, she resigned from her job and employed two assistants and worked with them in the tuck shop. “Within one year I opened a second tuck shop at a different venue and employed three assistants, therefore in total I had five employees,” recalled Shipanga.
Looking at the value of personal growth, she stated that it is important that an individual realizes that there is no single formula that defines the path to personal success. “We have different goals and priorities which means that different activities and attitudes will make you feel good about yourself,” she said.
She emphasised that she first had to sacrifice her fixed salary, the security of having a job with benefits, and her free time. “A few months ago, I fearlessly took the risk of becoming pregnant with another business and today I am can proudly say that Hushi Flowers is my new baby, employing two assistants therefore in total I have seven employees,” she added.
She hopes that through her humble story she inspires women to step out in boldness and do what makes them happy. “Do what makes you proud, do what will bring a difference to your life, of course there will be fear, doubt, obstacles and setbacks, but always remember we are a community, we are on this earth to help and encourage on another,” she said, adding “Let us draw lessons from one another and tackle fear together. I have done it and I am sure many after me will do it.”

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