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Seal tactics border on terrorism

Dear Sir
Namibian Seal Conservation (NSC) has noted that the closer to the opening of the seal harvesting season, the more active animal rights activists such as Seal Alert and the Seals of Nam (TSON) become. Interesting this year, is the absence of input by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) who is currently leaderless since Paul Watson, their self-proclaimed captain was recently arrested in Germany on a Costa Rica warrant of arrest. Watson who has in the meantime been released on bail with restrictions not to leave Germany is not the only one of these activists with a criminal record.
NSC has also noted the establishment of new alliances with, amongst others, the international photographer Sandra Birnhak, the director of her own animal rights organization, called “The Foundation for Antarctic Research”. She [runs] a campaign “to pressure the [US] State Department and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to cut off all direct and indirect aid to Namibia including through the Millennium Challenge Account” Birnhak is even heading a petition to president Obama wherein he is urged to deport all Namibian citizen until the Namibian government calls off the seal cull. This is very arrogant coming from a citizen who’s own country does not tolerate meddling by others in their own affairs.
Pat Dickens from the Seals of Nam this week said “…we reiterate our stance that the Ombudsman’s meeting held in September last year was a stall tactic employed by the government……failure to deliver on his word will bring the integrity of the Ombudsman into question and expose the September meeting to be nothing more than a farce, a delay tactic employed by the Namibian government to proceed with this year’s massacre.” This is the same person who has called Min. Bernard Esau a fool in the public domain.
In response to an article written by the Special Advisor to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dr Ngarikutuke Tjiriange, Dickens said “This chap, a supposed Doctor, raves on about colonial oppression and the sovereign right to butcher an endangered species. He ignores his country’s own legislation, he advocates selling toxic seal meat collected in unhygienic conditions and in violation of CITES requirements to foreigners, and he expects us to take him seriously? He should rather revert to selling love potions and snake charms.”
Bart Smithers, a freelance camera man and supporter of the Seals of Nam, who was arrested together with Jim Wickens, a reporter of the UK-based Ethical Undercover Agency (ECO-STORM) and who was found guilty of trespassing at the Cape Cross reserve during 2009 when they made an undercover film of the Namibian seal harvest, also invited NSC to appear in a documentary film during June. In the meantime Dickens announced his “Beach Masters Program” to investigate the possibility of other NGOs to become involved with his cause. He specifically stated that his BMP would not entail the taking of undercover movies of the seal harvest.
The Seals of Nam has also urged the Adventure Travel Trade Association to exclude Namibia as a potential candidate to host the Adventure Travel World Summit in 2013. It has also been noted that the Seals of Nam is influencing its supporters to put pressure on Charlize Theron to arrange that the shooting location for the movie “Mad Max 4” be moved to a venue outside Namibia.
On 24 March the Playlist magazine reported: “Nobody Tells Tom Hardy anything: ‘Mad Max 4’ Starts Filming In A Week, says Charlize Theron”.
The Namibian people have for many years suffered abuse from these animal rights activists. As a result we have become fed up with them, not only of their attempts to interfere and meddle in our affairs, but also their arrogant attempts to propagate international boycotts against us.
Oswald Rall Theart
on behalf of NSC
Kasote Village

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