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Bringing your mail to your doorstep

Bringing your mail to your doorstep

Champions Global Trading Enterprises, a locally owned business was started in September 2015, and in the near future hopes to be one of the leading enterprises that handle mail.
The business which is co-founded by Honest Shigwedha specializes in mail delivery, where they fetch mail from their clients NamPost box and deliver it directly to their offices or homes, saving them time, especially those who often can not personally retrieve their mail because of constraints.
“We register clients who want our services, they sign a contract according to the options that they want and from then on we provide them with the services that they want, and we also sell post boxes that can be mounted on at a clients home or in their offices,” she explained.
The company currently employs six people, and Honest aims to build a strong business with more than 20 employees in the next two years and also hopes to make a difference in her community and the country at large.
“I depend on my own potential to make a living for my self, therefore I can not afford to wait for someone else’s instructions,” said Honest, who is also the Marketing Manager of Champions Trading.
According to Honest, she loves owning her own business because she grows mentally and through her journey she has had the opportunity to teach lot about people.
“My business helps me to think outside the box rather than depend on others for ideas and it keeps me on my toes,” she added.
Meanwhile, Honest advised women to be more independent and reminded them that nothing comes easy, therefore there are no short cuts to success.
“God doesn’t give us challenges for nothing, but rather for us to double our efforts to overcome those challenges and at the end of the day we become successful, so let us build this country and become more productive citizens,” she said.

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