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Biltongfees and Auto Show like peas and carrots – All systems go for 08 and 09 July at SKW

Biltongfees and Auto Show like peas and carrots – All systems go for 08 and 09 July at SKW

The famous Biltongfees, arguably Windhoek’s biggest single family event, has again joined hands with Standard Bank and all the major autodealers, to offer the public a triple whammy of car specials, unlimited supplies of biltong and droëwors, and a popular cast of stage entertainers.
This major dealer platform has become such an important event, car dealers and bank officials are prepared to get up at six on a Saturday morning to start wiping the front from the front windshields of all the cars that had to spend the night outside. The Biltongfees date is determined by only one factor, it must be very cold to make sure the wide range of meat products stay fresh for the duration of the show which starts on the Friday afternoon.
Therefore, the auto dealers and the financing bank had to fall in with this date, but it has proven to be a major success in all previous years. Last year, Standard Bank sales staff, wrote car deals of almost N$75 million at this one event alone. “This year the Standard Bank Auto Show is moving up a gear as we bring you the evolution of automobiles. Old and new vehicles will be on display next month,” said Bradwyn Beukes, Standard Bank’s Acting Head of Personal and Business Banking, earlier this week when the bank made the official announcement.
“Last year, we had a total number of 22,000 visitors over the course of two days. This year we expect approximately 25,000 visitors,” said Beukes. “Based on last year’s success with a total revenue value of N$74-million, I am optimistic that this year’s Auto Show will exceed our expectations once again. We are expecting 32 dealerships to participate in the show,” he said
Since its inception 10 years ago, the show has grown immensely, and has become a popular event for motor dealers and motor fanatics. Back in 2006 the show attracted 2500 visitors, while in 2007 the number reached 9389 people for a two-day event.
“There are definitely great specials in store for our customers – the residual value offers and a discounted prime less rate with no deposit options. So, keep your eyes and ears open for this and more,” said Beukes.
In addition to the many new vehicles, visitors can look forward to an extensive display of old wheelers.
Entertainment is provided by renowned Namibian and South African artists.

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