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Spread happiness, buy a gift

Spread happiness, buy a gift

Spurred on by the success of its eWallet product, First National Bank last week announced another digital first, the Happiness Store.
It is a simple application where one person picks one item she or he would love to have, and then post it to the app. Other users can then see what type of gift will bring happiness to whoever needs it. By paying for the gift, the well-wisher brings happiness to the recipient.
Introducing the web-based happiness store, Revonia Kahivere, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager explained: “At FNB Namibia we constantly strive to deliver new innovations to the market. This project is intended to brighten the days of fellow Namibians while at the same time living up to our FNB mission of creating a better world. We are determined to be innovative and helpful across the board, not just in providing the best financial services to our customers – but also by encouraging our staff, customers and all Namibians to help those less fortunate in an innovative an uplifting way.”
Explaining the mechanics, the bank’s Group Marketing Manager, Madri Frewer said the FNB Happiness Store is the first online store where the shopper can only make purchases to benefit someone else. “According to popular research it has been scientifically proven that when we give, not only is the beneficiary uplifted, we too experience happiness. A double whammy only the FNB Happiness Store can deliver.”
Namibians are encouraged to nominate fellow deserving Namibians who they believe have a specific need to become potential beneficiaries via the website or via WhatsApp.
“If you visit the FNB Happiness Store you will see nominees who have expressed a certain wish to be fulfilled. Once you have selected a person and gift, the easy purchase button will take you the online payment system, driven by FNB eCommerce enabled through the use of debit and credit cards. The recipients will receive their gift from you within seven days and then will once again feature on the website under the Happy Gallery” she said.
For the time being, the Happiness Store is only available to Windhoek residents.

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