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Helping Tsumeb strugglers catch up

Helping Tsumeb strugglers catch up

One hundred and fifteen borderline grade 10 learners in Tsumeb attended a week-long holiday school for revision of the first semester’s work in key subjects. The Tsumeb smelter operator, Dundee Precious Metals supported the extra classes.
Dundee made available N$40,000 to finance the holiday school. The company said this was in support of the 6th goal of the Harambee Prosperity Plan which targets marginal grade 10 and grade 12 learners to help them attain a general pass mark for all subjects, and to improve their English grade in particular.
According to Etosha Secondary School learner Ndinelao Shitapata, the classes were a great opportunity to focus and not just rush through the chapters without fully grasping the contents. “I will be coming back next semester. I have learned so much more in this one week than in some of the regular classes. I am grateful to Dundee for making this possible” she said smiling.
“It is a work in progress, I used to hate Geography mainly due to the fact that it seemed complicated, now it is fast becoming one of my favourite subjects because it is being taught at a pace that I am comfortable with”, said Dylan-Lee Willemse .
The holiday classes comprised the revision of work covered during the first semester. The attending learners provided topics they did not fully understand and teachers would cover the topic in more detail.
A second holiday school is scheduled for August with classes on English, Life Science, Geography, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, and Physical Science.
“Very helpful, it was a pleasant change from sitting at home all day, waiting for second semester to start. These classes will help my overall performance from here on, we learned not only from the teachers but from each other as well. I think my new understanding of most of the subjects will help me do better this coming semester” said student Bianca Bainga.
Learners were not forced to attend the holiday school but parents were encouraged to convince their children to participate. The classes are only for children who struggle to keep up.

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