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Charity run to help 11 beneficiaries

A family sports event aiming to raise funds for charitable purposes will take place on 16 July at Môreson Special School, Kroon Street, Khomasdal
The event takes place annually or bi-annually since 2011 at a venue as decided by the organisers. NRC is a privately organized initiative supported by corporate and public sponsors under the slogan: ‘Lets run for fun and support charity’
The sponsorship of the event includes the contribution to finance the overhead costs and marketing material (e.g. venue, flyers, posters, bulk SMS), donation of winning prizes (runners can win various prizes on merit as well as by a lucky draw), as well as any other in-kind contribution to execute the event.
The uniqueness of the project lies in the full sponsorship being allocated to the area the sponsor determines, as no funds will be used to maintain structural overheads. Therefore, even small contributions from an institution make a big difference to this project.
For the event anyone can register as a participant and find personal donors, either for the number of completed laps or a lump sum. The track will be open for a few hours and participants can freely choose their total running time / number of laps and whether they prefer to walk or run. Each participant will hand over the sponsored lump sum directly to his/her favourite beneficiary at the start of the event and donations per lap immediately after his/her walk/run, before leaving the event
The 11 beneficiaries (charity organizations or projects) were chosen by the organizing team after receiving applications and nominations by the public.
These beneficiaries are encouraged to participate in the organization and to recruit participants in advance for their organization. They have to attend the event to present their charities and receive donated money personally.
The 11 beneficiary charities for 2016 are: AIESEC, ChiNamibia, ClaSH, Havana Soup Kitchen, Kids Soup Kitchen, Môreson Special School, Okanti Foundation, Onyose Trust, Score Namibia, Special Needs Network and Wilderness Therapy.

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