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Seasoned hiking athletes deliver at X-trail event

Seasoned hiking athletes deliver at X-trail event

With an overwhelming entry participation of 318 X-trail fanatics, the first series of Standard Bank’s Khomas Hochland X-trail event was a huge success. People from all walks of life, both young and old flocked to Godeis Farm situated 70 km west of Windhoek to take part in the 7km and 16 km X-Trail hiking excursion held a fortnight. An overall total of 141 teams participated in the first series.
The winners for the 16 km race were seasoned hiking trail athletes Sam Shaanika and Shuuya Eliphas. Their team was called the ‘Big 2 Challenge’. “Hiking is not a well-recognised sport in the country and we appreciate the fact that Standard Bank and OTB is promoting it,” said Shaanika. The overall winners of the 7km x-trail are Jaco van den Berg and Wilke van Greuen.
On her experience Delicia Engelbrecht said, “It was a tough route especially the steep mountainous area and coming down the slopes was even harder. It was real hiking! I just pushed myself to make it to the end. Thank you for such a well-organised, fun and challenging event”.
Standard Bank held the two X-Trail runs in partnership with OTB Sport. The Standard Bank X-Trial Series include opportunities for veteran and recreational trail runners, families as well as those seeking a road to trail crossover running experience.
“Standard Bank sees the need to support active and healthy lifestyles. We are therefore proud to sponsor this exciting event, because Standard Bank would like to encourage our customers to maintain a healthy body by participating in hiking trails like these. Being physically active maintains your health and increases your energy levels. Namibia needs fit and healthy people to contribute positively to the economy,” said Standard Bank’s PR and Communication Manager Surihe Gaomas-Guchu.
The participants were rewarded with trophies and medals at the end of the event.
The next X-Trail event will take place in the surroundings of the Avis Dam in Windhoek on 10 July.
Standard Bank sponsored a total of N$189 262.00 to this year Khomas Hochland X-trail series events.

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