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Seapride showed its products at Trade Fair

Seapride showed its products at Trade Fair

Seapride Foods, one of the largest private owned and operated food service distributors in Namibia held it’s Seapride Foods & Wine Trade Fair on 07 June at the Country Club, giving opportunity to their suppliers to showcase their products to potential buyers both in the food service and retail industry.
Speaking to the Economist, the organiser of the trade fair, Ms Leoni Cohen-Velida explained that the trade fair consists of 25 stalls which offers services to retailers and restaurants. The trade fair allows businesses to look through the different products they need from both international and SADC based food suppliers which are all registered with Seapride foods.
Equipped with state of the art fleet of branded multi-temperature delivery vehicles, Seapride Foods makes effort to ensure that customers receive their products at the right time, temperature and place. They have fleet services travel from Katima to Oranjemund to Gobabis. The company was established in 2007 and holds a trade fair in every two years.
The Economist had the opportunity to inspect the different range of products and innovative ideas at the fair. The trade fair consisted of multiple wine production companies mainly from South Africa, such as Laibach Vineyard and Wineries, one of the leading companies in organic-viticulture, as they established the use of ladybugs to eradicate pests. Other notable wineries included antique vineyards such as VredeEnLust, established in 1688. The wine land has landmarks such as the Historic Manor House with a large original wine cellar.
Other innovative inventions included Wilderkrans wine estates, Caresse Marine, a portable mini-wine bottle with a plastic lid that can be used as a glass. Moving on to food delicacies, the expo had companies such as Mediterranean delicacies which offers a products such as fresh salads, soups, sauces, meal solutions and processed vegetables.
Another notable invention was Mr Radesh Singh’s Southern Style Chicken which is chicken already spiced and dipped in sauces and frozen which makes it easier for fast food places as it only requires a heat and serve technique of cooking.
Lastly, Château Gáteaux charmed potential business’s with their selection of desert cakes which has a 12 month shelve life due to protective packaging and the use of up-to-date technology to reach it’s destination in good condition.

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