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A judgmental generation

A judgmental generation
By Eugenia Nowases

By Eugenia Nowases
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Nowadays we are more concerned with what your neighbour has to say because honestly they always have something to say and most of the time its not something good.
Have you realised how people tend to judge others regardless of the impact your action have on others?You might be delivering a crucial speech, but the moment you step into the building everybody has something to say.
Starting from your hairstyle to the shoe you are wearing. I bet our generation would’ve been millionaires if we would’ve been paid for being this judgmental.
The one thing that gets under my skin is that we tend to run away from the truth .Even if someone looks dashing we will strive to find that tiny mistake somewhere .Give the complement and try to look that good if you want to!
I wonder if it was like this in the olden days too. Our fore fathers would be barely clothed or worn torn clothes or even clothes made from pieces of cloth sown together but there was nothing wrong with that,we consider that unique and beautiful today.
However I’m not saying being half naked is OK, because its not , not in this century because I mean that’s totally unacceptable. If embracing your body and the way it looks means being half naked its a no-no. Come to think of it the women are judged more than men,its no wonder a lot of women have insecurity issues.
So do as I do. I laugh when I find something funny even if the rest of the crowd is quiet. I wear whatever I feel comfortable in sing in the shower even if the windows crack because I’m off note. I socialise with who ever I want to regardless of sexuality or living standards and regardless of what some one else has to say
At the end of the day what matters is being happy and being yourself and allow yourself to,laugh louder than you can explain or dance because you like the song even if you are out of rhythm,cry if you are unhappy no matter who stares and and appreciate the little things life has to offer and don’t worry about what others have to say.
Criticising is the norm nowadays,but don’t let criticism change your character.
You don’t have to be a ‘’hippie’ to be happy,be you do you!.Life’s to short to worry all day about what others have t to say,and ‘’remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent’’
To those who forever have something to say about someone else’s life-style,your are not even the slightest bit close to being God,so mind your own.

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