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Jaguar Land Rover Windhoek dealership pick up accolade

Jaguar Land Rover Windhoek dealership pick up accolade

Jaguar Land Rover Windhoek recently collected the coveted “Most Improved Dealer of the Year for 2015/ 2016” award in the Jaguar Land Rover Southern Africa Dealer Network. The award was given during a gathering of 55 individual Jaguar, Land Rover and combined Jaguar Land Rover dealers in southern Africa.
Speaking at the ceremony Mr Albert Pretorius, Dealer Principal of Jaguar Land Rover Windhoek, said “When we started making changes at the dealership here in Windhoek, our aim was to improve the customer experience of our brands as well as to comply with international Jaguar Land Rover brand standards. Our goal was not to win any awards, but knowing that our efforts are paying off feels good.”
The Most Improved Dealer of the Year for 2015/ 2016 award was given to the dealer which demonstrated the highest overall improvement through out the year in all the areas of their dealership, included in the Dealer of The Year scoring criteria. The scoring criteria include the changes that are put in place by a dealer to achieve a certain level of performance and improve their overall ranking in the network.
Some of the improvements that have been implemented at the Jaguar Land Rover Windhoek Dealership over the past year include the complete refurbishment of the showroom in Independence Avenue. Other initiatives such as improving the customer experience, getting closer to existing customers, training staff to meet the international Jaguar Land Rover standards and creating new avenues to reach potential customers have all added in an overall increase in the performance at the Windhoek dealership.
In addition to being named “The Most Improved Dealer of the Year for 2015/ 2016,” the overall improvements also saw Jaguar Land Rover Windhoek being awarded a Gold Certificate in the “Dealer of the Year Category.” This particular short listing is an indication of the standing of the dealership when being evaluated for the Dealer of the Year Category amongst the other 55 dealers in the Southern African Region.
Commenting on these accolades for Jaguar Land Rover Windhoek, Pretorius said, “These achievements can only emanate from managers with a high level of leadership skills and who take ownership of the performance in their respective departments.
Each and every staff member in the dealership has contributed to and played an important role in achieving these awards.”

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