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Solar lights to study at night

Solar lights to study at night

Learners at Tobias Hainyeko project school in Windhoek’s informal Babylon township will be able to study in the evening following a donation of more than 210 portable solar lights by Namib Mills last week.
Speaking at the handover ceremony, the school principal, Mr Brian said, “Education can not be left to the government only and to improve educational standards, public private partnerships have to be formed to pull resources together for the upliftment of the learners.”
He said the idea of donating solar lights was a brilliant idea as most of the students from the school come from locations such as One Nation, Babylon, and Oshitenda were they have no direct access to electricity and they use candles and paraffin to study, which results in students being unproductive.
Namib Mills in partnership with Greenville Solutions has undertaken the Edu-Light project for the next three years as part of their responsibility to education, poverty alleviation and community upliftment. Edu-Light is an initiative that improves school performance by providing solar lights to learners and students living in informal settlements and rural areas that do not have access to electricity and have to use paraffin lamps and candles for studying.
Namib Mills said the Sun King Eco light which they give the learners, is an award-winning solar light twice as bright as a conventional paraffin lamp. It shines for over thirty hours on its lowest setting and for four hours on the brightest.

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