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KFC set to exit Botswana

KFC set to exit Botswana

American fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken is set to exit Botswana according to Bloomberg. Anthony Siwawathe, a spokesperson for franchise indicated that its operator VOB Propco had struggled to sell the restaurant chain, without much success.
Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Botswana franchise will close all 12 stores by the end of the week, cutting 400 jobs and ending a 20-year spell for the United States based fast-food chain in the southern African country according to Bloomberg.
VPB Propco has spent the past year trying to sell the restaurant chain without success, the franchisee said in an e-mailed statement on Monday. The only remaining option is to shutter the company as it “no longer makes business sense to continue operations.” said Siwawathe,
In 2009, KFC laid out exciting plans, hoping to capture significant market share in the diamond rich country. Speaking on its plans at the time, Chief Executive Officer of Food Management Services said that it had big plans to expand.
“Our company has a localisation plan to give locals an opportunity,” Donnelly said. There are currently three Batswana holding senior management positions at the KFC head office in Gaborone.
Donnelly said his company’s plans include inviting local companies to supply its shops in Botswana. KFC currently imports most of its stock from South Africa, “but we are going to start sourcing locally.”
With more outlets, marketing and promotions will also be done in Botswana, benefiting local advertising companies.
United States-based Yum Investment International owns the KFC brand worldwide.

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