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Communications regulator reaches 5 years

Communications regulator reaches 5 years

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) marked five years since its inception, a fortnight ago, in Windhoek.
During this period CRAN successfully implemented its mandate, mission and vision and contributed positively towards the socio-economic development through “pushing ICT Forward”.
CRAN’s CEO, Festus Mbandeka said, “staying true to the mantra of, “pushing ICT forward”, we have indeed achieved major milestones since our inception.”
Mbandeka said these milestones include, amongst others, the transitioning of existing licensees to a new license regime within the first year of operations. CRAN now regulates a total of 28 broadcasting licenses and 13 telecommunications licenses as at April 2016.
During the past five years, CRAN developed and implemented License Conditions for Licensees First Spectrum Band Plan, a First Numbering Plan, Minimum Quality of Service regulations, Type Approval regulations and completed a Market Dominance study.
Furthermore, he said the authority was able to implement important regulations that are under development and in the public domain which include Infrastructure sharing, a Broadcasting code, as well as Universal Access and Number Portability.
“Having the best data collection systems in the SADC Region, which accurately gathers required regulatory statistics from telecommunication operators, this information is used for GAP analysis studies, to determine underserved areas that need access to ICT services,” Mbandeka added.
Meanwhile over the 5 year stretch the authority has been able to pick up accolades which include gold and bronze respectively for best stand at the Windhoek show; formulating the first Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) regulatory framework in the region, which other countries are using as a benchmark for preparing regulations in the rest of the SADC region.
Mbandeka also said CRAN successfully launched the second national consumer campaign titled “Own-It! The Right To Connect”.
“This campaign, seeks to empower, inform and engage consumers in the regulatory process and at the same time educate consumers on their rights and responsibilities within the ICT industry,” he added.
Mbandeka went on to thank the line ministry who he said helped them achieve most of the milestones.
“These achievements would not have been accomplished without the support of our line Minister Hon. Tjekero Tweya and his robust team, and his predecessor Hon. Joel Kaapanda,” he said.
Currently CRAN is the chair of CRAS (Communications Regulator’s Association of Southern Africa) and will serve on the Executive Committee until March 2018.

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