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Cancer Apple project runs full steam

Cancer Apple project runs full steam

June is the month of heightened cancer awareness among private sector companies. Last week, Bank Windhoek launched its famous Cancer Apple project for 2016, supported by a large group of sponsoring companies.
The Cancer Apple project officially started this week with the beginning of June and runs until 01 July. During the next month, many school and other organisations will compete to see who sells the most apples to promote cancer awareness.
The CEO of the Cancer Association of Namibia, Rolf Hansen, said: “Bank Windhoek, the Cancer Association and our wonderful project partners have the distinct aim to reach out to as many as possible Namibians to communicate through this project the need to fight cancer as a community. We emphasize the connection between a healthy apple and living and being healthy. Do not think of it as “buying an apple for charity” – but consider it rather as making a donation to fight and receive a token of appreciation and as a commitment by yourself to the cause.”
The partners of the 2016 Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple project are Nampost Couriers and FedEx, who will distribute the apples throughout Namibia at no cost; Fruit and Veg City who sources the apples from South Africa and provide apples at cost price; RadioWave, the media partner who broadcasts radio adverts free of charge; Maerua SuperSpar who awards stationary packs to learners who sells the most apples; Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) who audits the results of the school competitions free of charge; and JayLo Productions who provides the sound equipment for events during the project.
Apples are sold at all Bank Windhoek branches countrywide, at five dollar per apple, from 01 June to 01 July 2016. Apples will also be sold at the Bank Windhoek departments and schools, through an order system. The apples ordered from the bank’s departments will be distributed on a weekly basis while the orders from the schools will be distributed from 18 to 29 July 2016.
The school that sells the most apples will receive a cash prize of N$7000, followed by N$5000 and N$3000 for the first and second runner-up.

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