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Shooting association announces national team

Shooting association announces national team

The Namibia Hunting Rifle Shooting Association announced the names of the national team and the president’s team that will participate in the 2016 Hunting Rifle Shooting World Championships.
The Namibia National Team members includes: Jan Keyser, Francois Marais Jnr, Johan Engelbrecht, Francois Marais Snr, Niklas Marais and Len Smith, while the President’s Team members are: Sven Ahrens, Gerhard Loubser, Nico Smith, Jansen Botha, Evan van der Westhuizen, Pieter Vorster.
The announcement was made at the Stampriet competition that took place late last month.
“We are very proud to host the second World Championships from 5 to 10 in Windhoek, Namibia. With Hunting Rifle Shooting being such a young but fast-growing sport, we feel the World Championships presents an ideal opportunity to further promote it locally, but also create international awareness of the sport,” said Dirk Nesenberend, Chairperson of the Namibian Hunting Rifle Shooting Association (NHRSA).
To date, the NHRSA has received more than 90 entries from countries including Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Namibia and South Africa. The number of entries are capped at 150 participants.
“The NHRSA would like to invite the public to support the Namibian teams at the World Championships taking place at Heja Lodge, outside Windhoek,” said Nesenberend.
Hunting Rifle Shooting has been registered with the Namibian National Sports Commission as a national sport, which enables members to compete against other countries.
The Namibian Hunting Rifle Shooting Association (NHRSA) is a member of the International Hunting Rifle Shooting Association (IHRSA).

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