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Gift of the gabbers mobilise, launch professional speakers association

Gift of the gabbers mobilise, launch professional speakers association

Thirty five individuals who all make their living in some form or another by addressing large audiences, attended the launch meeting of the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia earlier this month.
The meeting was convened by a former president of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa, Dr Gustav Gous. As a born Namibian, he noticed the demand for a self-regulatory body as his local client base grew. The association was officially constituted on 11 May after two pilot meetings were held in Swakopmund and Windhoek respectively. A board was elected with Dr Gous as founding president. The board convened for the first time on 17 May. It was at this meeting that the name of the association was formalised as the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia.
At the same meeting, Sam Shivute was elected as Vice President, which, according to the association’s constitution, indicates that he is the president-elect for the 2017/18 term. Similarly, Siegfried Lange was elected as the second Vice-Present, and the designated president for the 2018/19 term
The process was steered by Dr Gous, assisted by the expertise of Jonathan Low, the President of the Global Speakers Federation.
The first official monthly meeting for members will be held on Tuesday 07 June in Windhoek where more members are expected to join. It is the intention of the new association to affiliate to the Global Speakers Federation with all the advantages of official certification and international exposure.

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