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ACP EU parliamentary assembly in Windhoek

Namibia will be hosting the 31st Session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly from 13 to 15 June 2016 in Windhoek.
Preparations for this meeting started in April this year, when the first draft programme was released.
The assembly meeting is preceded by a series of ancillary meeting starting on 08 June with the first formal African Caribbean Pacific meeting.
This is followed during the weekend by a meeting of the Committee on Economic Development, Finance and Trade on Saturday 11 June, a meeting of the Committee on Political Affairs, and a meeting of the committee on Social Affairs and the Environment. Later that day, a meeting is envisaged between members of the European Parliament and their ACP counterparts.
On Sunday 12 June, members of the European Parliament are slated to meet with the EU delegation in preparation for the formal Assembly meetings which start the next day on Monday 13 June.
The Assembly meetings start on Monday at 11:00. Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof Peter Katjavivi is set to open the formalities assisted by Netty Baldeh, Co-President of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly, and Louis Michel, the other Co-President.
The first sitting of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly takes place on Monday afternoon with a debate on, amongst other, Prevention and management of epidemics.
The main deliberations on Free Trade take place on Tuesday, 14 June and Wednesday 15 June.
The assembly concludes on Wednesday evening.

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