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Customer service in Katutura

Customer service in Katutura

Why do I always feel like a second class citizen when I go into a bank, mobile customer service centre or any big retail shop in Katutura compared to when I go to these establishments in town? It seems like the people working in Katutura do not want to be there, they are just there because they have to be and they need the money. Are these people not trained, do they not know what customer service is? Or is it just that we are too meek and accept the treatment we get as normal, because we live in Katutura
Starting from the security guard who pushes customers around to the manager who shouts at the customers, the affronts happen every day. I was unfortunate or fortunate enough recently to witness a senior consultant at a specific bank that just got renovated in Katutura Shopping Centre, and always prides itself on moving forward, getting involved in a big argument with a customer in the middle of the bank. The customer eventually gave up and stormed out of the bank, but my dilemma is, nobody said anything or even attempted to stop the fiasco, including myself. Such things are painful. What does this say about us?
I dread going into a mobile customer service centre because most of the time I leave angry and frustrated. The person at the counter is always not interested in helping or is to busy chatting with his/her colleges and I never get the service or purchase the item I came for.
Funny enough, as a reporter I often go to media conferences and briefings held by these establishments, and they keep telling us, they have the best and most professional staff who put the customers first, while we know it is bulls*^#. Really now! Maybe they only do their inspections and assessment in branches that are in town?
This compared to the joy and bliss of shopping in town especially at the Malls where it is such a difference. I feel like I am on another planet, the air-conditioners work, the staff is friendly and even if the shop is full, the lines at the till move at a steady pace. Pure bliss! It is the same establishment, just different branches. I don’t understand? Can somebody, anybody, please explain.
Therefore I suggest we use these iPhones and smartphones that we have and record the poor conduct by company employees and the ill treatment of customers. If we all do this, then the CEOs and all those people with big titles sitting in their big air-conditioned offices on the top floors, will see what’s happening below them. People should be held accountable. And the same goes for when you see someone doing an exceptional job and going the extra mile to help a customer.
If the situation does not change, I should change the situation by shopping online and doing this thing called internet banking, which is still foreign to me. I know I am so behind, but it is about time I get familiar with the programme and use technology to my advantage. Hopefully machines won’t stress me as much as humans do.

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