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Youth Council get new board

Youth Council get new board

The National Youth Council inaugurated their new Board earlier this week, with the help of Hon. Jerry Ekandjo, Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service.
At the event, the minister emphasised that the youth make up most of the population, therefore they are at the core of the development and prosperity of the nation.
Ekandjo told the newly elected board to know what their powers and functions are. “Know the constitution of the Board like the back of your hand to make sure that you adhere to it at all times and make positive contributions and changes in your new positions,” he added.
The new board consists of nine members aged from 16 to 36 and is as follows: Mandela Kapere as Chairperson, Alfeus Kapolo, Beatrice Kotungondo, Bensen Katjirijova, Dalah Hapulile, Elsarien Katiti, Kaveriua Marwenga, Lot Ndamanomhata and Orben Mututi.
Members of the Board are appointed by the Minister under the following criteria; a person nominated by the National Federation of Persons with Disabilities, five persons nominated by the General Assembly and of whom at least two must be female, and two persons nominated by the Ministry and of whom one must be from a marginalized group.
Kashiwanwa Neshila-Immanuel, a former board member, congratulated the new Board and reminded them that they are a legal group that can be sued and can sue, therefore they should take their positions seriously and do their best to change the lives of the youth for the better in Namibia.

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