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Dictionaries for Meerkat pre-schoolers

Dictionaries for Meerkat pre-schoolers

One hundred dictionaries were donated this week by the Rotary Club Windhoek to the FNB Foundation who in turn will see the onward distribution to various pre-school groups in rural areas that form part of the Amos Meerkat Schools national pre-school project.
President of the Windhoek Rotarians, Dr Frank Schwardmann said “The donation is a step forward in assisting the children to pick up the official language of Namibia and to become school ready so that the first step in Grade 1 is not that daunting.”
FNB Corporate Social Investment Manager Revonia Kahivere said, “The emphasis of the FNB Foundation is on sustainable projects that deal with national challenges. Educating the whole nation is definitely a national challenge and we are proud to be able to assist in this regard. We would like to wholeheartedly thank the Rotary Club Windhoek for their donation. Partners like you make our commitment and involvement that much easier.”
“The Amos Meerkat Schools national pre-school project helps farmers and small rural communities to introduce pre-school education. Currently, some 5000 pre-schoolers are taught in 168 schools by 196 teachers in all corners of the country.

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