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Young entrepreneur fights for his dream

Sam Simon, owner of Menu to Venue Events Management and Catering CC. (Photograph by Yvonne Amukwaya)Sam Simon, a 22 year-old self-taught chef, is pursuing his dreams. Simon is one of the few young people who decided to not wait for government hand outs by doing something for himself.
As government officials continue to call for young people to empower themselves, Simon started started his own catering company from scratch in December last year.
Simon says he loves cooking and is passionate about his trade.
The sole owner of the company, a proud Simon says that he always wanted to venture into the catering business.
“I used to work for a well known chef called John Levy. He owns his own catering company and he motivated me to work hard and follow my dreams.
“After catering for a friend’s birthday party, my friends and the people I met there encouraged me to venture into catering as the food was very good and that is how I ended where I am now,” he told the Economist.
Simon added that although he does not have a tertiary qualification, years of experience has provided him with the necessary skills.
Even though challenges remain, his company has grown considerably over the last five months and he now rents out chairs, tables as well as provide waitresses depending on what the clients need.
Simon said that his greatest challenge right now is transport as he sometimes get tenders from out of town but as a result of high costs, he often does not take up such challenges.
“Business is going well, but it is difficult sometimes as some clients want tenders out of town and this raises costs as I have to pay my casual employees, provide free transport and this is expensive,” he said.
Simon said that although he only provides permanent employment to his assistant, he would like to expand his company to employ up to 50 people.
He says that his main objective is to provide excellent service to his clients so that they keep returning to his business.
When asked what he would like to say to young aspiring entrepreneurs, he said: “ If you have a dream, fight for it. Don’t wait for help, take initiative.”
Menu to Venue receives between four and eight tenders per month and earns between N$4 000 and N$5 000 a month.

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