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Ultimate Theatre brings Fugard and Beckett to Windhoek

Ultimate Theatre brings Fugard and Beckett to Windhoek

Well-known stage director, Freddie Philander is bringing two well-known plays to the local stage.
Die Laaste Graf Karretjie by Athol Fugard and Endgame by Samuel Beckett will be brought to life on stage by the Committed Artist of Namibia on 27 and 28 May and 26 and 27 August 2016 respectively as part of its annual contemporary theatre festival.
Philander said that the two plays will both be staged at the Ultimate Theatre at the hall of Eldorado School in Khomasdal. The cast of Fugard’s Laaste Graf Karretjie includes David Campbell (Pienkies), John Isaacks (Toek-Toek), Astrid Dirks (Rokkies), Shirley Swartz (Ouma Mieta), Felicity Celento (Sarah) and Philander himself as Koot Geduld.
“This play has been selected for its contemporary and actualities dealing with abject poverty, passion killings and unemployment” said Philander.
The English play, Endgame by Samuel Beckett stars David Ndjavera (Clov) Freddie Philander (Hamm), David Campbell (Nagg) and Shirley Swartz (Nell). This play is also directed by Philander and it was selected for its universal appeal as a satirical work with a global message.
Revonia Kahivere from FNB Namibia as main sponsor of the Ultimate Theatre, said “The arts humanise society and give us inspiration and opportunities to connect as people. Arts also creates employment for people. Unlike verbal communication which faces obstacles such as language barriers and time restraints, art can traverse time, culture and social class. We wish to encourage our artistic Namibians to express their views about current issues while at the same time earning their salaries through art and culture.”

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