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Junior Table Tennis Masters Cup launched

Junior Table Tennis Masters Cup launched

Proactive Sports Marketing and Management, in conjunction with Bank Windhoek, will present the first ever Bank Windhoek Junior Table Tennis Masters Cup tournament at Maerua Mall on 27 and 28 May.
Proactive’s Managing Director, Heiko Diehl said, “We are very pleased that everything came together and we are really excited for the tournament to go under-way, with Maerua Mall as official host.
Bank Windhoek has come aboard as title sponsor for the prestigious event, continuing their involvement in table tennis, after their title sponsorship of the Region 5 Championships end of last year.
“Bank Windhoek is committed to supporting smaller sporting codes, which enables participants to get greater exposure and improve their performance in the sport. We are delighted to be part of this event,” said Riaan van Rooyen, Head of Corporate Communication and Social Investment at Bank Windhoek.
NTTA president, Ramon Hansen, confirmed the endorsement by NTTA of the event. One of Namibia’s most experienced table tennis administrators, Heiko Fleidl, has been appointed as tournament director for the Masters Cup.
The tournament is an invitational event where some of the best junior players of Namibia will go head-to-head. The junior men competition will see 8 players battling it out for the first place, while a total of five junior ladies hope to have their name engraved on the winner’s trophy. Proactive aims to make the Bank WIndhoek Junior Masters Cup and annual highlight on the table tennis calendar.
As with the Liebherr Master Cup for Namibia’s senior elite, which forms an integral part of the yearly NTTA tournament calendar, the Bank Windhoek Junior Masters Cup is aimed at promoting Table Tennis in Namibia and bringing sport closer to spectators.
The players invited to participate in the Bank Windhoek Junior Masters Cup will be as follows;
Boys: Yannick Bohn, Dietrich Möwes, Delton Dreyer, Kean Tait, Ewan Orlam, Raimo Dengeinge Zwandile Kooper and Fortune Hashoongo and Girls: Reese Sauderson ,Kaitlyn Beukes, Cecile Voigts, Raica Coelho and Tayla-Reese Tait.

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