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Prerogative to change things willy nilly

Prerogative to change things willy nilly
By Musa Carter

By Musa Carter

This week has somewhat been a struggle for me to get to write this column, but thinking through, I decided to focus on the Premiership awards and focus on football and the people who play the gruesome season, taking on crunching and career threatening tackles, just to entertain us.
People would assume that players for all that effort will be recognised for putting the game on the map, but early in the week it was announced that the Premiership Awards which were supposed to take place on Friday were cancelled, due to financial constraints, (mind you this is two days before the event).
I was very much disappointed as I was looking forward to attending the event, since I rarely attend any award ceremonies.
Fine, I came to par, with the fact that the not so organised administrators, did not check the organisation’s bank balances before announcing the date (even printing out God knows how many tickets, let alone inviting and changing people’s itineraries), of which I think this would baffle anyone who thinks logically.
At this point I was thinking to myself, the administrators had ample time to get their house in order. I would assume that as a normal organisation, there are specific departments that handle finance, logistics, etc. the list is endless. I wonder who handles finance at this organisation?
One wonders if those in the respective offices actually know what they are doing. What is happening to the appropriation of funds?
So in my mind at this point I was like, ‘better luck to Tigers FC next time,’ the NPL champs who had spent close to two decades without any silverware will not have a chance to experience the glitz and glamour of the awards.
Barely two hours before, my previous article was to go to print, guess what, the NPL sent an email to all the media houses stating, “You are cordially invited to the Executive Media Conference of the MTC/Premiership slated for Friday, 13 May.”
I actually asked myself, ‘what is an Executive Media Conference?, of which they went on to say “this special invitation which wishes to draw your attention that the initial Awards Ceremony scheduled to take place on Friday are re-arranged and will now take a different format and time in the form of an Executive Media Conference.”
After reading those words, I think one would feel all fuzzy and important, but I was like to myself there is total confusion in that specific camp, period!. To make matters worse they go on to say the “MTC/Premiership Awards are NOT called off; they are merely resuscitated in a rather unique format to produce the same outcomes.”
To me it all seems like a cover up on their failure to deliver. I do understand it is their prerogative to innovatively re-arrange or amend any NPL event at any given time as they deem fit, but in this case it just seemed as a way to try and save face, but again these are my views.
We will be hosting the Castle Cosafa tourney soon and this in my view does not basically reflect a good picture on the football scenario in Namibia.
I wonder when the next hiccup will come, but for now I leave it here and will say if you’re going to be the milkman, make sure you always deliver.

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