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Major international wildlife ranching conference in September

The 9th International Wildlife Ranching Symposium (IWRS) will be hosted at the Safari Hotel in Windhoek from12 to 16 September. This major global conference constitutes enormous possibilities for Namibian game farmers, bringing them into an international network of game ranchers.
The 1st International Wildlife Ranching Congress was held in New Mexico, USA, and has since been held in South Africa, the USA, Canada and France. This is the first year Namibia will host this important wildlife symposium.
This year’s event will run under the theme, “Wildlife – the key to prosperity for rural communities.” The symposium incorporates a plenary session and four elective specialist streams as well as site visits to game ranching establishments in Namibia.
World-renowned wildlife management expert, Prof. Wouter van Hoven, Chairman of the 9th International Wildlife Ranching Symposium, is slated give the welcome address. According to the organisers, various sessions are planned and speakers have been invited from all over the world to share practical knowledge, skills and attitudes with representatives from the private and communal sectors.
The timing of this Symposium precedes the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES COP) 17th meeting, which will be held in South Africa from 24 September to 5 October. Attendance of the 9th IWRS will benefit delegates and national stakeholders to network for the upcoming discussions at CITES CoP 17, such as the global rhino imperative.
Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to attend incredible field trips to private game ranches, a game capture experience or a cultural tour to the city of Windhoek. Day trips for delegates will be organised in and around Windhoek.
Highlights include a visit to a diamond polishing factory, spa visits, shopping at an African craft market and visits to private game ranches with delightful activities like carnivore feeding, and learning ancient skills from the San people.
Meanwhile, the organisers said special post-conference trips can be arranged for delegates who would like to make use of the opportunity to explore Southern Africa and visit breath-taking places around Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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