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Come and DIY with us!

Come and DIY with us!

Agra is slowly muscling its way into the lucrative but finicky hardware trade. Last week it opened its first DIY Depot, a franchise operation of a South African hardware group. The depot is located in Okahandja.
For many years, all Agra branches across the country offered products and materials on the fringes of building and renovation but the main focus remained on the agricultural lines. Agra’s hardware lines have also not been very competitive, mostly due to small volumes.
With the DIY Depot franchise, Agra has now positioned itself as a proper hardware supplier. Abelene Boer, Agra’s Senior Marketing Manager said “Agra is constantly looking into the market for opportunities to diversify our business. Thereby we can ensure sustainability despite unfavourable conditions that affect our core clientele of agricultural producers.” “The DIY Depot enables us to serve a more diversified client base while at the same time we add to the product offering, making Agra a one-stop business for all. We will continue to expand our services countrywide to meet the growing demands of customers” she said. At the official opening, the Agra Retail Operations Manager, Johann Viljoen, said“the Okahandja DIY Depot is the first stand-alone DIY Depot in Namibia. We have already incorporated the DIY Depot product lines in the new Agra retail store at Agra Hyper in the Windhoek’s Lafrenz industrial area.” Explaining the location, he said “We decided on Okahandja since we have the available facilities and we did not want to miss the opportunity to serve this particular group of clients in the fast growing Okahandja and surroundings.” The DIY Depot stocks building materials from the foundation to the roof. These products include; plumbing, electrical, flooring, painting, tools, lighting, automotive, welding, swimming pool, landscaping and gardening products. Announcing the new store, Agra said “Customers from Okahandja and surrounding towns can look forward to a new retail store full of DIY products, more shopping convenience, ample parking space, knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service. We invite you all to visit our store in Okahandja, Martin Neib Street – just opposite the Agra branch.”

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