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FNB honours mortgage brokers

FNB honours mortgage brokers

Estate agents revelled in the pleasure of doing business with First National Bank of Namibia when the financier celebrated the success of the smoothtalkers last week at a glamorous banquet in Windhoek.
Not mentioning the fact that FNB is dangerously reliant on its mortgage book, the First National Bank CEO, Sarel van Zyl thanked the estate agents and supporting attorneys emphasising the partnership between the banks and the agents.
“I have no doubt that as long as you are that “Someone” in our partnership model, FNB Home Loans will go far in the history of Namibia” he said
He said “FNB Namibia has recently adopted a new strategy which we call “P to the Power of 4”. The P’s stand for People, Planet, Partnership and Profit. For me estate agents contribute directly to all 4 the P’s. You are the People finding homes and offices for other people by Partnering with FNB to make the Planet a better place and of course we both make a bit of Profit out of it.”
Van Zyl commented that FNB Namibia had consistently responded to the government’s call for the private sector to support development plans, heeding that call by contributing N$1 million per year for the next three years to the Shack dwellers Association, in partnership with other sponsors. “I appeal to you all to join hands with our President so that we can make the Harambee Prosperity Plan work and create a better and sustainable world for all of us.”
Head of FNB Home loans, Brian Katjaerua also extended his gratitude to the agents saying the function celebrated past achievements while at the same time served as a platform to build and strengthen relationships.
“You will all agree with me that the industry is currently facing serious headwinds, ranging from rising interest rates to a slower economy, regulatory interventions, high house prices, slow land delivery, suggestions to control rentals, and restrictions on foreigners buying property” he said.

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