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Director joins Urbanisation meeting

Director joins Urbanisation meeting

Mr Lameck David Uyepa, the Director for Regional, Local Government and Traditional Authorities Co-ordination at the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development will visit Germany to attend the “Bauhaus – Laboratory of Modern Urbanity and Urbanisation in Germany” conference from 05 to 11 June.
Uyepa will have the opportunity to familiarise himself with sustainable and energy-efficient planning and building in Germany. The programme includes a visit to the world-famous Bauhaus and the Federal Environment Agency in Dessau.
During his visit he will join discussions on the political framework, nature conservation, building and nuclear safety. He will meet representatives of the German Institute for Urban Studies, the German Energy Agency and researchers at EUREF and at the Fraunhofer Institue at Morgenstadt.
To be confirmed is a visit to the Centre for Art and Urbanistics ZK/U in Berlin and the presentation of model projects and examples of innovative solutions in the field of energy-efficient construction in Berlin and Essen, the designated winner of the European Green Capital award.

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