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Youth trained in social networking

The Namibia Business Innovation Centre, with the assistance of  the RLabs Academy, has trained a number of young people to use various social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and blogging to plan and implement online marketing strategies.
In the past, the RLabs Academy has successfully trained hundreds of participants in South Africa. In Namibia, the RLabs programme, first introduced four months ago, has successfully trained fifteen young participants in the fields of internet and social networking.
According to the Namibia Business Innovation Centre, in the past,  most of the RLabs participants have grown to become trainers or consultants for various businesses with the experience they have gained.
Christian Toelg, director of research development at the Namibia Business Innovation Centre, said that the programme has been a great success.
“Participants in the first round will work as trainers in the second round to help other young people, and will work with small companies that are in search of people to run or open their social network pages.”
He said that the aim of the four month session was to teach young people the necessary skills in social networking so that they can find employment with the acquired skills.
The group of trainees consists of tertiary graduates and high school graduates who are still unemployed, and unable to further their studies for one or various other reasons.
 The group, which consists of 15 members, came up with an initiative called the Social Media Circle (SMC), specialising in planning and executing online marketing campaigns for potential clients.
Through its online marketing campaigns, SMC assists organisations to reach a larger number of potential customers locally and internationally, and increases business connections and online visibility.

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