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Aranos joins to keep town clean

Aranos joins to keep town clean

Aranos will be the first town recycling with no formal recycling facility at hand, purely with the input of the community such as the schools, the farmers and the business owners in town according to Anita Witt, coordinator for the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF).
“This should serve as an example to other towns- if you work together, you can face the challenge of transporting recyclables to Windhoek,” she added.
Witt thanked FNB Namibia, one of the RNF’s members, for availing two recycle stands to the community of Aranos so that they could split their waste and then transport it to the capital.
Vicky Muranda, Manager Corporate Communications of the FNB Group said, “FNB Namibia has been a forerunner in recycling in Namibia and is proud of Retha Olivier from Aranos who has mobilized the whole community to reduce, recycle and re-use – especially in light of the fact that they do not have a recycler around the corner. They will send the recyclables to Windhoek with the help of farmers and the business community as well as RNF members and partners”.
“Smart Partnerships and looking after the Planet are two of the 4 P’s of our FNB strategy and we are delighted with the dedication of the community and the assistance of all involved. Thank you TROST ARANOS – you make us proud.”. She added.
FNB Namibia has 11 other stands all over Windhoek – mostly at schools and is a proud member of the Recycle Namibia Forum.

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