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Better nurses, quicker convalescence

Better nurses, quicker convalescence

Ohorongo Cement through its corporate social investment vehicle, the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust last week announced its support for three nursing students, Henry Dollar, Helena Hofeni and Clement Samati. Together, the three will receive financial support exceeding N$60,000 this year. The three bursary recipients have been selected in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Dollar is enrolled at Welwitschia University while Samati and Hofeni study at UNAM. horongo Cement said it approached the health ministry for guidance after which the deputy minister, Hon Julieta Kavetuna proposed to select three candidates from the nursing profession. The final selection was based on merit.
“Instead of just supporting one student within healthcare, it made more sense to assist more than one student, especially in the light that they are disadvantaged,” said Hon Kavetuna.
At the ceremony where the three students received their bursaries, the Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement, Mr Hans-Wilhelm Schütte said “We want to create windows to a better future for Namibia and its people, and the key to that is through education.”
“It does not help that we have hospitals and clinics, but we lack an educated and skilled workforce. Hence our commitment to the provision of bursaries to support healthcare even further not only by supplying medical equipment, but also addressing the skills deficit within the healthcare system,” he said.
“Nursing is as important as any other component of the healthcare system to improve [its] capacity, quality, efficiency and safety” said the deputy minister. “I believe in the issue of helping to empower nurses so that they feel comfortable providing input when physicians are making patient-care decisions” she added.
Ohorongo Cement said it has to date invested more than N$10 million for various projects throughout Namibia. Not only does the company invest in internships and job attachments, but recently it also awarded bursaries to two female electrical engineering students.
Last year also saw the inauguration of a Simulation Training Centre at the cement plant to train Control Room Operators.

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