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Enduro riders tackle the Kalahari

Enduro riders tackle the Kalahari

The Bank Windhoek Namibia Enduro Championship tackled the Kalahari over the past weekend. Perfectly organised by the Aranos Endurance Club, the riders had to cope with “1000 bumps, and 1000 bends”, as one participant said, with divers terrains, on their way to the finish line. Jens Rubow (Yamaha) kept up his winning streak in the Quads class, winning the third race in a row. J. L. Opperman (Honda) finished second, ahead of Claire Bendel (Yamaha). Last year’s outstanding ladies rider Maike Bochert (Honda) is having a difficult time in this year’s championship, and had to give up early in lap two. In the Clubmans Class, Ben Visser clinched victory, ahead of Juergen Gladis and Gerald Heiser. In the offroad bikes class, Karl-Henz Erni (Yamaha) clinched his first victory of the season ahead of Kurt Hartung (KTM). The next Bank Windhoek Enduro Championship event will take place on 11 June on Farm Neu Heusis.

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