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Ready for agriculture revival

Ready for agriculture revival

André Mouton who is well-known by cattle farmers, has joined First National Bank Namibia at the beginning of April as Agricultural Manager of the Central North Area office. Mouton assumes his new responsibilities following a 20-year career with Meatco.
Speaking from his Meatco experience, he said “The farming sector in the Far North is an important part of the economic activity of the area. My appointment creates the link between FNB and the farming community which is very important to maintain and expand FNB’s market share in this arena. By being here in the region, it is possible to bring the bank closer to the customer thus building on our relationships in the Agri sector.”
Stating his expectations for the role of FNB in the agricultural sector in the North he said “The North has a very diverse agricultural sector due to the higher rainfall with dryland crop production in Grootfontein area as well as irrigation farming developing fast. Cattle farming has a strong presence with tourism and game farming also forming an important source of income for farmers. It is important that we understand the business in this diverse sector so we can give the best advice to our customer in these segments.”

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