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Losses ignored in Meatco wage agreement

Losses ignored in Meatco wage agreement

Despite operational losses of more than N$350 million in 2015, the Meat Corporation of Namibia still conceded to union demands, agreeing to an almost 11% salary increase for its workers.
“The Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) and Meatco employees (represented by the Namibian Food and Allied Union – NAFAU), signed the 2016/17 wage agreements on 23 March 2016 for the Bargaining Unit. This signed agreement confirms that all parties involved are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the negotiation process” Meatco said in a statement of conclusion of the negotiations.
“The salary increase of 10.9% is distributed between a basic salary increment of N$460 per month and a minimum housing allowance of N$250 for employees below the N$250 margin. The two parties expressed their appreciation for reaching an agreement in a civil and peaceful manner and that did not lead to any labour unrest.”
“I want to highlight the fact that throughout the bargaining process, there was mutual respect between the employees and management. As for the 10.9 % increment, this is a sign to us that Meatco is constantly striving to improve the welfare of its employees and for that I am grateful” Union Representative, Lister Tawanda, said.

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