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Paracetamol to Angola for Yellow Fever

Paracetamol to Angola for Yellow Fever

The Namibian Ambassador to Angola, HE Grace Uushona last week presented a gift of Yellow Fever vaccine from the Namibian Government to the Angolan Minister of Health, Hon Luis Gomes Sambo, in Luanda. The handover ceremony took place on World Health Day, 07 April.
“At a time when the people of Angola are facing the outbreak of Yellow Fever, I am delighted to hand over today, on behalf of the people and Government of Namibia, a donation of medical equipment and supplies to the people and Government of Angola, to assist in combatting the spread of Yellow Fever disease, and to prevent further loss of life” the Ambassador said upon presenting the supplies to the Angolan health minister. The donation includes over 100,000 syringes, 10,800 paracetamol Elixir tables (120mG) and 200 paracetamol tablets (500mG).
“This humble donation testifies to the strong bonds of friendship, solidarity and co-operation that so happily exist between our two countries and peoples. Allow me to convey on behalf of the government and the people of Namibia our sincere condolences and sympathies to the Government and people of Angola, and in particular to the bereaved families, on the many lives lost thus far” she said.
Reaffirming the government’s commitment to help, she said “Please rest assured of our continued support in your efforts to combat and contain the Yellow Fever outbreak.”

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