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SKW gears up for annual youth tourney

SKW gears up for annual youth tourney

More than 1,000 young footballers from across the country are expected to showcase their abilities and skills at the annual Retirement Fund Solutions SKW Wecke & Voigts Youth Tournament scheduled from 22 to 24 April in the capital.
Retirement Fund Solutions is now in its 10th year as main sponsor of this prestigious event and to celebrate this milestone, the company will invest a total of N$40,000 to ensure that this event will continue to be a benchmark in Namibia’s football development.
“Over the years we have seen this tournament grow in statue and it is pleasing to note that some of the leading footballers in Namibia have had the opportunity to hone their skills at the Wecke & Voigts SKW Youth Academy tournament before going on to become household names in Namibia Football,”said Kai Friedrich, Director of Retirement Funds Solutions.
“For a long time now we have maintained that without corporate support at grass root levels good football mentorship and development will remain only a dream for many of our young and ambitious football talents in Namibia. Hence we welcome the opportunity to continue as the main sponsor of this event for the 10th consecutive year,” he added.
Dr. Anibal Rego, Chairperson of the SKW Football Division, alluded to the importance of corporate involvement in football in his statement: “For many years now we have benefitted from the sponsorship of Retirement Fund Solutions, without whom the staging of this tournament would not be possible. And we would have not been in the position to grow this into the biggest Youth Football tournament in the country.”
“This year’s event will once again try to set a new benchmark for youth football in Namibia and SKW remains proud of its leading role in the development of Namibian football players,” he said.

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