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Harambee embraced by the business community

The business community in Namibia are in agreement that the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) can and will work if problem areas are identified immediately, if implementation challenges are removed and people or organisations that are responsible for implementation are held accountable.
This was established at the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (NCCI) business breakfast meeting on the HPP earlier this week.
The Keynote speaker, Hon. Saara Kugongelwa-Amadhila highlighted that the Plan is not there to create opulence and wastage, nor is it intended to replace any national development roadmap and or is it aimed to create a cure-all that will iron out Namibia problems.
“It is meant to ensure that every Namibian has access to the basic necessities, to support the long term national goals and it is a requirement to act with more determination to reform process, to reform our minds and attitudes to pull in the same direction,” she said.
Kugongelwa-Amadhila said that the question on everybody’s lips is that will Harambee work and deliver the major and wide ranging goals, targets and outcomes? She quoted President Dr Hage Geingob in his State of the Nation Address to answer the question were he said “The Prosperity mandate will not be easy, but with all Namibians working together in the spirit of Harambee, it is possible”.
“The Plan provides tangible goals and targets, it calls for responsible persons to be accountable for implementation and performance and it does so without endangering macro-economic stability, therefore let us put our weight behind the Harambee Prosperity Plan,” she said.
The breakfast ended with a panel discussion that was made up of the Hon. Prime Minister, Dr John Steytler, Sven Thieme, Namene Kalili and Tom Alweendo who were all in agreement that the Plan will take Namibian to the next level, to eradicate poverty and to leave no one behind, which is a call of unity to encourage all Namibians to work towards this common goal.
The Plan is the Namibian Government’s Action Plan towards prosperity for all cover the four year period 2017/17 to 2019/20, which coincides with the remaining tenure of this government’s term of office.

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