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Pointbreak appoints Group Chief Executive

Pointbreak appoints Group Chief Executive

The Pointbreak Board of Directors has appointed Josephat Mwatotele as CEO of Pointbreak Group, effective 1 April. Josephat assumed executive responsibility of Stimulus in 2014 to replace the operational role of Monica Geingos and was at the same time appointed as a Director on the Pointbreak Board.
According to former Managing Director of Stimulus and Pointbreak Executive Director, Monica Geingos, “Josephat has a strong track-record in investment management and a proven ability to drive innovation and growth. This combination, together with his people centric approach, make him uniquely suited to lead a diversified, forward-thinking financial services group.”
“I am excited about the opportunity to lead the Group to the next level of growth and the many possibilities that lie ahead of us,” said Josephat Mwatotele.
“Pointbreak, with its experienced, professional and energetic team, is well-positioned to tap new opportunities during this time of financial innovation and technological change. It is truly a privilege to be part of the Pointbreak team and I certainly look forward to embark on this exciting journey,” he added.
Prior to Pointbreak, Josephat served as the Founder and Executive Chairman of Destiny Investment Group, a private investment firm founded by Namibian private investors.

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