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Elevated inspiration for Africa

Elevated inspiration for Africa

WINDHOEK – With the launch of The Inspiration Project Africa in the capital city last week, a unique platform was created to spearhead the shaping of the African narrative. Namibia has taken the lead in telling its African stories.
“We all know that Africa is remarkable, that we have amazing people and that we own phenomenal stories. This platform alongside our online portal is built to generate conversations in moving us forward, whilst creating the much needed market access to making us self-sustainable as a people” said one of the organisers, Levana Cloete.
The Inspiration Project Africa is an initiative by Vusi Thembekwayo, the Managing Director of a boutique investment and advisory firm operating in various African countries and Lelanie Basson a strategic management consultant from Namibia. They are supported by a team in Kenya and Nigeria, who collectively believe in the necessity that it is time to “challenge our thinking as Africans. We need to think bigger, nobody on our continent is served by playing it small”, they said in a statement before the launch.
Namibian speakers, Ally Angula, Jerry Elago and John Pinto alongside the South African Dragons Vusi Thembekwayo, Polo Leteka-Radebe, Vinny Lingham, Gil Oved, and Lebo Gunguluza joined forces on the Windhoek stage to drive an ambitious African narrative. The launch also served as platform to local entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services as part of this unique collaboration.
“The narrative is to inspire persuasive conversations through being imaginative, believing in ourselves and confidently being proud of our achievements. Objectively, The Inspiration Project Africa aims to create an enabling environment, one of novelty and free enterprise, however efforts can only be done through the unwavering support of our partners namely, Namibia Media Holdings (NMH), 99FM, MTN, SABMiller, Pick n Pay Mega Centre, Namib Catering, African Monarch Lodges, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Hashtag Media, Living Example Photography, Nedbank, Twinkle Events, First Rain Dance Academy, JT, Photography and the Council for Research, Science and Technology” said the organisers.
The Inspiration Project Africa intends to take a roadshow across the continent to empower ordinary Africans to inspire their peers.

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