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CIF launches fourth construction directory

CIF launches fourth construction directory

The Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) this week officially launched its fourth annual member directory, the CIF Annual Directory. Produced by the federation, this publication covers all the members, their services and their competencies.
A total of 5000 copies were printed and will be distributed throughout the year. The first 1000 copies were mailed this week to key decision makers at all levels of government – central, regional and local. Consultants like engineers, architects and quantity surveyors also receive the directory. Since the first issue in 2013, the publication has become a reference document and source of extensive information.
Bärbel Kirchner, consulting general manager of the CIF said: “It is no secret that the construction and building industry remains buoyant and that there is huge demand for services and products in our industry. We would like every buyer to be aware of the businesses that are involved in our industry. Although membership of the CIF is not a legal requirement, with a total of 470 members we represent the key players in the industry. These range from an annual turnover of over N$200 million to SMEs with an annual turnover of less than N$1 million.
“A total of 389 companies are contractors. Of those, 205 are SMEs. Other members include suppliers to the industry as well as affiliated members, including electrical contractors and laboratory services in our industry” she said.
A key feature of the directory is the ranking of companies based on their annual turnover. This provides a guideline in terms of their capacity to handle projects. Depending on the size of the tender, Namibian companies can also join together for large projects.
In the absence of a local statutory construction council and legislation, Kirchner said “It is critical that we see the relevant bill re-tabled in parliament given Namibia’s focus on infrastructure development. This will allow for greater regulation of the industry, including the licensing and grading of contractors. However, in the absence of a national construction council, the directory provides a useful who’s who of the industry, and information about the spectrum of companies in Namibia’s construction industry.”
“The directory is also available to the public free of charge for their personal building requirements. They might find the short article on “How to Select a Building Contractor” helpful. It is important to conduct reference checks; to obtain written quotations; and once contractors are selected, a written contract or an approved and signed proposal. Members of the CIF are required to adhere to a Code of Conduct, however, it always remains important to consider critical steps when engaging the services of any supplier” she advised.
The CIF online directory of companies offers a comprehensive list of CIF members that operate in the building and construction industry. This searchable directory at helps buyers of construction and building services to find contractors – including SMEs as well as trading companies and affiliated members, such as electricians, on the website.
The online version of the directory is a practical tool for anyone that has internet access. The directory is a searchable, sortable listing featuring the name of the company, first name and surname of relevant contact persons, city and type of business. The online version also provides a buyers’ directory, where the required services can be searched.
“The 2016 edition is the result of a formidable team effort. It required persistent focus to ensure that the content is accurate and the tenacity to solicit advertising support of 66 companies. We are very grateful to our advertisers. Without their support, financing this new edition would not have been possible,” said Kirchner.

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